ARTS WORLD WIDE: Visual Arts Curriculum


Arts World Wide: Visual Arts Curriculum is a one semester arts education course for grades 10 to 12 which is intended to promote cultural literacy and to provide individuals with opportunities for creative self-expression. The curriculum is designed for use in a heterogeneous classroom in a high school with a culturally diverse student population. It is intended to provide challenging, rewarding, and positive experiences for students with diverse abilities and aspirations by engaging them in multiple assignments in a number of curricular areas.


Dan Crowe, Ceremony, 1995
Courtesy of the artist

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Planning and Resources

Personnel and Staff Development

Teaching the Curriculum

Assessment of Student Learning




Arts World Wide is listed on Yahoo in the Arts/Education/K-12 section.

"... a masterpiece!"

Dr. Robert R. Barner
Jordan/Locke Cluster Administrator
Los Angeles Unified School District



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