ARTS WORLD WIDE: Visual Arts Curriculum


Arts World Wide: Visual Arts Curriculum is a one semester arts education course for grades 10 to 12 which is intended to promote cultural literacy and to provide individuals with opportunities for creative self-expression. The curriculum is designed for use in a heterogeneous classroom in a high school with a culturally diverse student population. It is intended to provide challenging, rewarding, and positive experiences for students with diverse abilities and aspirations by engaging them in multiple assignments in a number of curricular areas.


Dan Crowe, Ceremony, 1995
Courtesy of the artist

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Planning and Resources

Personnel and Staff Development

Teaching the Curriculum

Assessment of Student Learning




"... a masterpiece!"

Dr. Robert R. Barner
Pepperdine University
Program Director, Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Preparation
Program Director, Educational Leadership Academy

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