PHEV Mini-RV: Chevy Volt conversion

This is how I convert my Chevy Volt for overnight expeditions.

Remove the rear seats and the rear center console. They easily snap off (and back on later):

Move the front passenger seat all the way forward. Fold down the rear backrests. Place the rear passenger headrest inside a milk crate:

Put something like this piece from the Volt Shelf on top of the milk crate:

Here is the extended cargo area:

Install a power inverter with AC outlets and USB ports to charge laptops, cell phones, and camera batteries:

Install side window deflectors on the two rear windows. The windows can be lowered a couple inches for cross ventilation even if it rains:

Self-inflating sleeping pad and inflatable pillow:

Sleeping bag:

Gear, food, water, and supplies are packed:

After arriving at the destination, the windows are covered for privacy:

On my trip to Mt. Pinos (elevation 8300 ft.), I drove 164 miles round-trip, which includes 80 miles using electric power. I went hiking, photographed the Milky Way, and observed with a telescope until about 12:45 am. I slept until 7:40 am, then drove home.

Dennison Park, Ojai, CA, November 2023: